About Us

In 1991, LQP Enterprises was established on the philosophy of providing clients with Leading-Quality-Products.

LQP Enterprises is a global supplier of a diverse range of electronic products from innovative manufacturers in Taiwan and China.   Strategically located in Vancouver, Canada with over 20 years of thriving relationships with multiple major manufacturers in Asia; LQP Enterprises provides a bridge for the requirements of the North American market.

LQP Enterprises endorses only the best manufacturers in advanced engineering available meeting our quality standards to provide our customers with the best in quality assurance of products for long-term performance and reliability.

LQP Enterprises is a customer-centered company – we proudly provide our customers with the absolute best service possible.

What We Do for You

  • A-Quality Products
    LQP collaborates with excellent manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China to provide grade A power supplies
  • Flexible and Customizable
    LQP’s greatest attribute is our extensive flexibility from beginning to end to ensure companies obtain products that fit their requirements.
  • Extensive and complete product lines
    To enlarge your sales market, LQP provides products ranging from Cable Assemblies to Switching Power Supplies for both medical and industrial uses.
  • Now available in green
    LQP values a green environment thus all new products are now UL Energy verified.