Wall-Mount Power Supplies

5W Charger
5W Wallmount Charger
5-6W USB Charger
5-6W USB Wallmount Charger Power Supply
GFP051U Series
5W Switching Power Supplies (US, Europe, UK, Australia plugs available)
GFP051 series
5W Interchangeable plug Power Supplies
5W~12W Interchangeable Plug
5W~12W Interchangeable Plug Power Supplies
SWPP-6W Series
6W (3~24Vdc) Wall mount Power Supply
12W Wall Mount
12W Wall Mount Power Supply
GFP121 Series
12W with new Interchangeable plug Power Supplies
GFP121U Series
12W Switching Power Supply (US, UK and Europe Plugs Available)
SWPP-15W Series
15W (5~28Vdc) Wallmount Power Supply
GFP151 Series
15W with new Interchangeable plug Power Supplies
GFP151U Series
15W Switching Power Supplies (US, UK, and Europe Plugs Available)
18W Wall Mount
18W Wall Mount Power Supply
SWPP-18W Series
18W(5~42Vdc) Wallmount Power Supply
24W Wall Mount
24W Wall Mount Power Supply